Regulations and Points

1. The competition shall run from 1st January to 31st December in any one year.

2. Owners to be responsible for submitting claim forms to the Secretary by 31st January of the following year.

3. Points may be claimed at a maximum of 10 shows a year plus the LRCGB 2 Day KC Open Rally Competition (Daventry)

4. In the event of equality of points the Rally Lagotto of the Year shall be the Lagotto gaining most points at the LRCGB 2 Day KC Open Rally Competition (Daventry)

5. In the event of further equality then the awards shall be shared.

6. The “of Year” award shall be presented at the following year’s AGM.

Points are earned as follows:

Score Points
175-180 5
181-190 10
191-200 15
201-210 20

At KC open Rally competitions, scoring is as above for all levels.

In addition to the 10 best results at Kennel Club Licensed Agility Shows, double points may be claimed at the LRCGB 2 Day KC Open Rally Competition (Daventry)


Claim Form can be downloaded here:

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