Creative Activities Competition – Results

Congratulations to our winners and all who entered our Creative Activities Competition that started during Lockdown in April and ran through to the beginning of August 2020. I'd also like to thank our independent judges, Julie Nelson and Mandy Barker, who did not know who had entered, for taking on the unenviable task of deciding on our winners.


A piece of Artwork: “My Lagotto”

1st Place: ‘Rosa’ drawn by Olivia Whittick (Aged 5)

Category: Aged 8 Years and Under

1st Place: Susan Tindall’s pastel drawing of ‘Honey’

Category: Adult

2nd Place: Mandy Shah’s painting of ‘Bailey’

Category: Adult

3rd Place: Faith Fogg’s watercolour painting of ‘Franco’

Category: Adult

A piece of 3D Artwork: “My Lagotto”

1st Place: Jude Bullen’s needle felting of ‘Florence’

A Photography Competition: "At Home with My Lagotto"

1st Place: ‘Bailey’ by Mia Shah

Category: Aged 16 and Under

1st Place: ‘Otto’ by Neil Walker

Category: Adult

2nd Place: ‘Honey’ By Susan Tindall

Category: Adult