Gundog Training

Thanks to our Trainers

We would like to say a huge thank you to Chris Page (Hampshire Gundog Society and Micklemess Clumber Spaniels) who, together with his wife Carol, took us ‘under his wing’ during 2016-2018, offering to undertake a series of training sessions with us to get us up to the point of being able to enter assessments, trials/tests and subsequently hold our own Working Assessment. Thank you, Chris, for your enthusiasm about our breed and their capabilities, and for helping Lagotto owners learn and develop our dogs’ potential.

We would also like to thank the following trainers who have been around to help our Club Members learn more: Mark Bott, Judy Hempstead, Mick Cleverley, James Reavil and Andrew Durrant. We are very grateful for everyone’s help and support in helping us along the gundog training and competition roads…