Welcome to the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of Great Britain

Founded in 1996 when the Lagotto Romagnolo was scarcely known outside of its native Italy, the LRCGB is proud not only to have established the breed in the UK but also to have pioneered the introduction of Lagotto worldwide.

We strive to ensure the breeding of dogs true to type and sound in temperament and health, following a strict code of ethics to protect and – where possible – improve the health and genetic diversity of the Lagotto. Within our breed, we are recognised worldwide for having a strong history as leaders and supporters of genetic research.

Whilst respecting the traditional work of the Lagotto as an ancient breed of duck retriever, we promote its role as a gundog – on land and in water – and honour its function as a specialised truffle dog. We show our dogs, and the breed’s versatility is further demonstrated by its involvement and success in many areas – agility, rally and obedience to name a few, added to which Lagotto make an excellent family pet. Please take a look through our website to find out more about the breed and about our Club.

We are here to support and help our owners, prospective owners and breeders by providing advice and guidance on all matters ‘Lagotto’. We hope you will join us at our events throughout the year, and if you need further information or advice, or if you have any questions, please contact us – we’re here to help.

News and Events

29th March 2020:

Please find attached a letter from our Chairman, Louise Ferguson, and also details of a colouring competition for children. A link to the competition is included in the Events scroll at the bottom of the page.

20th March 2020:

HEALTH: A message from the Kennel Club in relation to the implications of the current Coronavirus situation on Hip and Elbow Dysplasia test results and Eye testing.

17th March 2020:

Following Government advice, no events scheduled up to 1st July will take place. The Committee will continue to monitor the situation and hope to be able to re‑schedule our AGM and Open Show in due course. 
Postal votes will be accepted until 21st March 2020 as per the AGM papers and will be held over until the re‑scheduled date.

The Committee send their best wishes to the LRCGB Membership and look forward to seeing them at future events.