Thanks to our Trainers

We would like to say a huge thank you to Chris Page (Hampshire Gundog Society and Micklemess Clumber Spaniels) who, together with his wife Carol, took us ‘under his wing’ during 2016-2018, offering to undertake a series of training sessions with us to get us up to the point of being able to enter assessments, trials/tests and subsequently hold our own Working Assessment. Thank you, Chris, for your enthusiasm about our breed and their capabilities, and for helping Lagotto owners learn and develop our dogs’ potential.

We would also like to thank the following trainers who have been around to help our Club Members learn more: Mark Bott, Judy Hempstead, Mick Cleverley, James Reavil, Andrew Durrant, Annie Buckley, Gary Vallins and Joy Venturi Rose. Special thanks also to Lyn and Jeff Monk who have been only too willing to share their knowledge and experience with us. We are very grateful for everyone’s help and support in helping us along the gundog training and competition roads…

At the bottom of this page you will find a selection of photos from the training events that we have either run or been involved with.

Gundog Training with Gary Vallins in Surrey - series of sessions for Novice and Beginner levels, followed by a refresher and informal Assessment - Well done to Dawn/Salle and Heather/Ammo for their 1st & 2nd places!

May to July 2022

Gundog Training for Lagotto and other Minor Breed Spaniels
5 June 2021

On 5 June 2021 we held a gundog training session at Greywell Hill Estate (near Hook, Hampshire) by kind permission of the Earl of Malmesbury.

Despite having cancelled the same event two days before national lockdown in March 2020, we were delighted to welcome almost all of the previous year’s list of attendees. Our six Lagotto were joined by other minority breed spaniels (four Spanish Water Dogs, three Welsh Springer Spaniels, one Field Spaniel and a Clumber).

We are hugely grateful to our trainers, Annie Buckley (Scovellsway Training Kennels) and Judy Hempstead (WhipCurl Canine Resolve) who provided our two groups with hunting, retrieving and steadiness practice in the Estate’s huge woodland, finishing off with simulated beating and retrieving lines in a large (empty!) pen used for rearing young pheasant. Plenty of smells for our dogs, including two pheasants at close quarters, one put up by the Clumber, and steadiness needed when a very brave squirrel walked past the retrieving group staring quite a few dogs in the eye as it went!

It was great to be out after such a long period of lockdown and to share our trainers’ knowledge and skills. Here are some photos of our day.

Photos from our Puppy/Beginner introductory training session with Lyn and Jeff Monk in March 2020

With thanks to Lyn and Jeff Monk for sharing their knowledge and passion, and also to Louise and Andrew Ferguson for the kind use of their land.

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