Rally is a Kennel Club recognised discipline developed from obedience, following its inception in the USA where it is called Rally-O. Handler and dog can enter KC Rally competitions around the country – hosting events are listed within the KC’s Events Diary or, for Rally enthusiasts, in Rally News.
Rally competitors start each round with a perfect score and the judge will deduct marks for any mistakes made. To progress to the next Level a dog must achieve three qualifying scores under three different judges. Although places are awarded at competitions, progression is based on individual scores rather than placings.

The round should be performed at a brisk pace, usually taking around 4 minutes. The signs are the only direction that the competitor receives. At the lower levels the dogs compete on a loose lead but at more advanced levels the dogs are required to compete off lead.

Rally Sign IMG_2685
Rally Sign IMG_2686
Rally sign

More information on Rally can be found on the Kennel Club Website at https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/activities/rally/

Included in this information is a list of the exercises that may be included for each level of competition (this is a good guide on what to practise, although you will not know until you arrive at the competition which of these exercises have been chosen by the Judge to the included on the day); there are also bonus exercises that can gain you extra points. You will also be able to find shows listed here that include a Rally competition, together with entry details/forms etc.

If you have any queries about Rally, please contact our Activities Secretary for Agility/Rally – Carolyn Snowdon at leytherlagotto@outlook.com

LRCGB hosted Rally competition - September each year

The LRCGB hosts/runs an annual two-day Rally event in September each year in Northamptonshire (which is open to all breeds).
We are always grateful for help on this two-day event (even for part of a day or for one day). If any of our members would be able to help us, and learn more about Rally in the process, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Julie Nelson or Carolyn Snowdon.

Rally Lagotto of the Year Award

If you’re out competing with your Lagotto in Rally, don’t forget to fill in your claim form for the Rally Lagotto of the Year award. The deadline for receipt of forms by our Honorary Secretary is 31 January in any year. The winners are notified and awards presented at the Club’s annual AGM. See our “Annual Trophy Awards” section for more detail…

Rally competitions and our Lagotto...

We have a few of our Lagotto competing in Rally and some of their photos and achievements are included below…