Breeders List

The following list denotes breeders who are confirmed Members (and Officers/Committee Members) of The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of Great Britain, who have signed a declaration to abide by the Club’s Rules & Regulations including Section 15 – Breed Specific Code of Ethics.

Whilst the LRCGB does its utmost to ensure that our Breed Specific Code of Ethics – including health testing – are met, it is also the responsibility of prospective owners to undertake their own independent checks when contacting breeders. Guidelines on compulsory health tests can be found within the Breed Specific Code of Ethics. The LRCGB will carry out routine checks on health certification but if a prospective owner has any concerns regarding anyone listed below we ask you to raise them with our Honorary Secretary, Julie Nelson.

When looking for a puppy, ask for information on the status of both parents’ JE (Juvenile Epilepsy) and LSD (Lysosomal Storage Disease); together with hip scores and the results of the BVA eye screening. Further details on health, including other items where health testing is not compulsory, can be found under the Health section of our website. It is also important to consider the temperaments of the parents and the puppies, and whether the puppy being offered will suit your lifestyle and requirements.

This is not a full list of breeders (as some prefer not to be listed). If you have any queries, or would like to enquire about stud dog availability, please contact our Honorary Secretary.


If you are a breeder and wish to apply for inclusion on the LRCGB’s Breeders List, an Application Form is available to download here.

Breeders List

Breeder’s Affix
(listed alphabetically)

Breeder’s Name





Deborah Mercer



Kath Bransby



Sam Walker

South Gloucestershire/Avon


Matthew Mayers



Becky DeBlasi



Louise Ferguson



Julie Nelson


Puppies available

A 'puppies available' notification will be posted once we hear direct from a breeder of any puppies being available, and such notification will remain on this site for a period of 10 weeks from the date of commencement - subject to the breeder not having advised us of the need for an earlier or later removal. Whilst we will update this section as regularly as possible, we are reliant on the information we receive, and prospective owners are advised to contact any breeder direct for verification of availability.