Canine Hoopers UK was formed in 2017 to provide UK handlers and their dogs with a fun, fast, low-impact sport suitable for dogs of all sizes, ability and temperament (as well as all levels and abilities of handlers!). Their website provides further details on Hoopers, as well as classes, a list of instructors and competition venues – you will need to register handler/dog with CHUK before competing in competitions – Julie Nelson, our Activities Secretary, is a CHUK accredited Hoopers instructor.

CHUK’s awards scheme has achievable fun goals at four different levels for you to work towards: Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Puppies from six months old are able to take part. From Bronze level, you work through different levels of Hoopers, Barrellers, Tunnellers and Touch N Go exercises (there are also Teams, Pairs and Specials exercises which although not point earning are great fun to take part in!). To progress through the different levels, you’ll need to enter Canine Hoopers UK competitions, earning progression points for clear rounds and successfully completing handling challenges.

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