Gundog Working Tests (including Water) for AV Spaniels (excluding Cocker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels) - 16 September 2023

We were delighted to host Gundog Working Tests (including Water) for minority breed spaniels on 16 September at the stunning Laverstoke Park in Hampshire. We had a good entry of Clumber Spaniels (10), Spanish Water Dogs (7), Welsh Springer Spaniels (2), Field Spaniel (1) and Lagotto Romagnolo (6). The Results are now available here and are pasted below. Photographs by Hannah Spearman, Rebelritsi Photography, will be available shortly – some extracts from initial photos received are included below.

Thank you to our Judges, Mrs Chris Bridgwater [2422] and Ms Judy Hempstead.
Thank you also to our Steward, Mr Ian Morrison, and to everyone who helped on the day.

Congratulations to our winners ...
and well done to everyone who took part!


Thank you to Hannah Spearman of Rebelritsi Photography for offering to be our photographer for the day. Once Hannah has finished producing the photos, we will include here a link to her site for high resolution options. The photos below are extracts from an initial selection – Thanks, Hannah!

We’d also like to thank our sponsors for the fantastic prizes and donations that we received:

Members and Lagotto who are out in the field (and water) competing

We have LRCGB members involved in gundog work who have been flying the flag for our breed competing in Working Minority Breed Spaniel Tests and Assessments – their successes are included below. If you have your own success story in the gundog field, please let us know …

LRCGB Gundog Working Assessment including Water - 27 August 2022

We were delighted to welcome back Chris and Carol Page as our Judges for our first Gundog Assessment/Test after having had to cancel our planned events during 2020 and 2021. Thanks to our Judges, to Julie Elborough of Woodruff Gundogs for letting us use the Malthouse Lakes and Forest in West Sussex, and to Jacqueline Rackham Photography for all the images she took on the day.


Special Beginner (2)
1st – Havana King of the Truffles – Kerry Roberts
2nd – Fullatruf Viscount Porcino – Sharon Martin
Best Hunter – Havana King of the Truffles
Novice (6)
1st – Greenbanke’s Kara – Susan Tindall
2nd – Truffalusa November Moon From Mizani – Louise Ferguson
3rd – Grancanna Fab Fedele – Mandy Shah
4th – Karbeni Nua Nemo – Jude Bullen
5th – Dario Della Caveja – Louise Ferguson
6th – Mizani Sola Florence – Jude Bullen
Best Hunter – Greenbanke’s Kara
Greenbanke’s Kara
Greenbanke’s Kara
Lagotto Gundog Working Assessment - Aug 2023
Gundog Working Assessment
Well done to all our competitors and huge congratulations to Susan Tindall and Greenbanke’s Kara (Kara) for winning Best Hunter in Novice, Best Lagotto Overall and for being awarded for the first time The Iteru Cup in memory of Lynne Jung as the Judges’ Choice Lagotto of the day.

Thanks also to Chris and Carol for the training session afterwards which allowed us to work on some of the elements that showed through during the Assessment.

Images below from both the Gundog Working Assessment and Training session, courtesy of Jacqueline Rackham Photography

South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Assessment Test May 2022

The South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club held an Assessment Test in East Sussex. Breeds entered as well as WSS were Clumbers, Field Spaniel, Sussex Spaniels. We had two Lagotto entered in Puppy, two in Special Beginners, one in Novice and one in Open – a brilliant opportunity to show our breed’s capabilities – and what a day for our team under Judges Sandy White (Puppy and Special Beginners) and Chris Page and Jeff Monk (Novice and Open):
3rd in Puppy: Louise Ferguson and Sage (Truffalusa November Moon from Mizani)
4th in Puppy: Susan Tindall and Kara (Greenbankes Kara)
4th in Special Beginners: Vicky Macpherson and Inti (Emmroche Stormy Dynamo)
5th in Special Beginners: Louise Ferguson and Dario (Dario Della Caveja)
1st in Open to Andrew Macpherson and Gringo (Grancanna Fab Felice)

… On top of which Andrew and Gringo were awarded Best non WSS (Welsh Springer Spaniel) and Best Overall
Congratulations to everyone, and a special Well Done to Andrew and Gringo 🤩
(Photos courtesy of James Crust)

LRCGB hosted Gundog Working Tests with Water for AV Spaniels (excluding Cocker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels) August 2019

We were delighted to host our first Gundog Working Tests (with Water) for other minor breed spaniels, at Rickneys Gundog Training Ground in Hertfordshire under Judges Gordon Bowers and Vicky Payne. A great entry, with 29 runners on the day comprising 18 Clumber Spaniels, 2 Field Spaniels, 1 Spanish Water Dog and 8 Lagotto Romagnolo. Thank you to our Judges and helpers, congratulations to our winners and well done to everyone who took part.


Results from all Classes (Puppy, Novice and Open) can be found here .

Congratulations to Andrew Parker on winning 1st in Puppy, Novice (and Best Hunter) and Open with his Clumber Spaniels out of 4, 15 and 10 runners respectively. Pictured below with his Awards…

Special mention of our Lagotto placings:


2nd: Moonreed Bella (owned by Mr M Light,  handled by Miss R DeBlasi)
4th: Mianatra Definitely Daisy (Miss R DeBlasi)


4th and Best Lagotto: Massimo Augusto di Amici Eterna (Mrs F Blankendaal)

The best placed Lagotto, and winner of our prestigious Raghill Cup – Massimo Augusto di Amici Eterna – travelled from Holland with owner/handler/Club Member, Fabienne Blakendaal. Well done, Fabienne and Gusto! 

South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Assessment Test May 2019

Lagotto Romagnolo placed: 1st in Novice, 5th in Novice, 1st in Open, 3rd in Open, Best Non-WSS in Test and Best Hunter in Test

Four Lagotto took part SEWSSC Assessment Tests for Spaniels (excluding ESS and Cockers) in Meopham, Kent on 19 May. Out of 17 Entries/14 Runners in Novice and 6 Entries/5 Runners in Open under Judges Judy Hempstead and Sandy White, our team achieved fantastic results:

1st: Lyn Monk with Sybil (Mizani Diorbe of Vienna)
5th: Andrew Macpherson with Gringo (Grancanna Fab Felice)

1st: Andrew Macpherson with Gringo (Grancanna Fab Felice)
3rd: Jeff Monk with Flora (Grancanna Cantata)

Best Non-WSS: Lyn Monk with Sybil (Mizani Diorbe of Vienna)
Best Hunter in Test: Andrew Macpherson with Gringo (Grancanna Fab Felice)

LRCGB Working Gundog Assessment Tests April 2019

A message from Lyn Monk, our Working Secretary:

 “The LRCGB had a fantastic day hosting our first Working Gundog Assessment Tests open to all Minor Breeds Spaniels on Sunday, 7 April, with a great entry of 27 dogs including Clumber, Welsh Springer and Sussex Spaniels (as well as 11 Lagotti entered across all the Classes) and with competitors coming from as far afield as Whitby, North Yorkshire!

Thank you to everyone who helped us both before and on the day, and especially to our Judges, James Reavil and Richard Reeve, and also to Mr B Homewood for the use of his land. We really appreciate the other breeds who supported us and huge congratulations to all the winners.


Image courtesy of Rebelritsi Photography


Results from all Classes (Puppy, Special Beginner, Novice and Open) can be found here.


Special mention of Lagotto placings:


1st and Best Hunter: Moonreed Bella (Mr M Light)

Special Beginner

1st: Hopkiln Great Beatrice (Ms P McAllister)
2nd and Best Hunter: Mizani Diorbe of Slovakia (Ms P McAllister)


1st: Grancanna Fab Felice (Mr A Macpherson)


We were lucky to have Hannah Spearman from Rebelritsi Photography with us on the day and she has produced an amazing portfolio of photos. These can be viewed/purchased by clicking on the photo below. 

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club's Working Assessment Tests held in Kent April 2019

More excellent results for our Lagotto in the Novice Class at the WSSC’s Working Assessment Tests for Minor Breed Spaniels (excluding English Springers and Cockers) on Saturday, 6 April. 

From an entry of 12 dogs in the Novice Class:

1st in Novice

Jeff Monk and Flora (Grancanna Cantata) 

Best Hunter in Novice

Andrew Macpherson and Gringo (Grancanna Fab Felice)

South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Assessment Test May 2018

Gundog Tests
GUNDOG SEWSSC Assessment May 2018


The Club had a good turn-out with five Lagotto entered across Puppy, Special Beginner and Novice classes. Jeff and Lyn Monk achieved placings as follows:

Jeff Monk and Flora (Grancanna Cantata) – 4th in Novice

Lyn Monk and Sybil (Mizani Diorbe of Vienna) – 4th in Puppy

GUNDOG SEWSSC Assessment May 2018

Working Minority Breed Spaniel Club Novice Working Assessment Test May 2018

Andrew Macpherson and Gringo (Grancanna Fab Felice) have also been seen in the minority breed gundog demonstrations at Game Fairs, and have taken part in some minority breed tests – achieving 2nd in the WMBSC Novice Working Test in May 2018, as well as 2nd in Novice at the LRCGB Working Assessment in April 2018

LRCGB Working Gundog Assessment Test April 2018

The full results from our Assessment Test held on 15 April 2018 under Judges Chris Page and Mick Cleverley can be found here

Working Gundog Assessment April 2018
Gundog Working Assessment 2018

Welsh Springer Club Spring Assessment Test 2018

Jeff Monk and Flora (Grancanna Cantata) 1st in Novice, Lyn Monk and Sybil (Mizani Diorbe of Vienna) 1st in Special Beginners & 2nd in Puppy

Gundog | Tests

South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Assessment Test May 2017

Becky DeBlasi and Blossom (Mianatra Bound to be Blossom) achieved third place in the Special Beginner Class at their first working assessment in May 2017. 

WORKING GUNDOG Becky and Blossom at SEWSS Assessment 2017

Some of our previous winners...

Sarah Beazant with the winner’s trophy from the Club’s
Gundog Water Test, with Judge, Chris Page – 2005

Virginia Bislikes with Gaesten Dolinda – Winner
of the first LRCGB Gundog Water Test in 1998

Some Results from The Past

A list of winners of The Raghill Cup at the Club’s Annual Water Tests between 1999 and 2011 is available via the following link

Gundog Assessments/Tests/Trials Gallery: