Game Fairs - LRCGB Attendances

We aim to have a Club/Member presence at Game Fairs around the country during the course of the year – specifically at most of the Living Heritage events ( and also at the main annual Game Fair (  It is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to see/meet the minor working breeds (Lagotto Romagnolo included) in one place, and to see some of the dogs in action in the demonstration ring alongside an overview of each breed by the organiser or breed representative..

In the lead-up to each Game Fair where we will be present, detail will be added in the main Events sections and also on our Facebook pages. Very occasionally we are not able to attend due to Shows or Club commitments so if you are particularly interested in seeing Lagotto at a particular event, please check with us or the relevant organisers.

Lyn and Jeff Monk attend many of the Game Fairs to introduce Lagotto and demonstrate their working capabilities. If you have any queries about our Game Fair attendances, please contact our Working Sub-Committee, who will be able to give you more detail.

Game Fairs through the years

Game Fair attendance is not new to the Club, with Gael Stenton and Ann Kemp attending many a Game Fair in order to increase the breed’s profile especially during its infancy in the UK.
Game Fair Ann
Ann Kemp with Reno, Rasta, Freddie

and Lolly (Riola) - July 1998