History of the Lagotto in the UK

© Giovanni Morsiani
In the punt are the dams and sire of the first two Lagotto Romagnolo imported into the UK (Reno and Rossetta)
The brown dog on the right is Lorenzo, sire of the first litter bred in the UK in 1997
Mario Zanetti, Mandriole Kennels
Breeder of Reno and Rossetta, shown here as puppies
Giovanni Morsiani and Gilberto Grandi

Reno and Rossetta, the first Lagotto in the UK, arrived in 1997 from the Mandriole Kennels

HISTORY Reno del Gaesten

Reno del Gaesten - First Lagotto Dog in the UK
History in the UK Rossetta del Grancanna
Rossetta del Grancanna - First Lagotto Bitch in the UK
Reno and Rossetta's five Grancanna puppies - the first Lagotto Romagnolo litter born in the UK (1997)
History Waldo

The famous Waldo, first Italian champion of progeny was sire to one of our foundation imports, Romea. As he was first generation registered when we applied to register his daughter with the KC his was the only name on her pedigree. 

Recognition within the Kennel Club and in the Show Ring

“The Lagotto became the last breed of the Millennium to be recognised by the Kennel Club and we were invited to be part of the publicity for Crufts 2000… 

… It was a conscious decision by the Founding Committee of the LRCGB (which included four CC awarding breeders very successful in other breeds plus a Gundog Field Trialist) to allow the breed to develop slowly and not to rush the Lagotto into the show ring with all the ills that sudden exposure brings, so it was not until 2005 that Lagotto competed in Import Classes and from 1st April 2015 in our own breed classes although not with CC status. The experience of the Founders also ensured that the eventual KC Breed Standard met all our wishes as it included the so important clause ‘Reverse scissor bite permissible.”

Gael Stenton

HISTORY OF THE LAGOTTO IN THE UK puppies in wicker basket
Photo showing most of the original Lagotto in the UK, including Fresca (pregnant) who is second from the left
FRED'S HEAD original

Fred (Ir Sh Ch Gaesten S'Alfredo del Grancanna)

14.11.1997 - 23.4.2013

Fred was the first UK-bred dog to become a Champion.

A prolific stud dog, he was behind the majority of the litters born in the UK, at least up until the mid/late 2010’s.

Fred was BIS at Breed Assessment in 2000 and 2001 under Italian Breed Specialists. He visited Italy on three occasions and was graded excellent at the World Show in Milan 2000 and twice at CIL Club Shows. He also visited Ireland, becoming an Irish Show Champion.

History of Lagotto in the UK Fred at Eagle Cottage

For many years the photo of Fred’s head has featured as the Club’s emblem, appearing both on Club merchandise and in publications; the photo of his head can be seen today on our car sticker.  This later illustration of Fred’s head by Louise Mizen Ferguson takes pride of place on our website’s Home Page and our stationery, as well as being an important part of some of our items of merchandise.

FRED'S HEAD illustration