There is much information throughout our website that will help prospective owners to gauge the suitability of the Lagotto to their individual circumstances. Much more knowledge can be gained by speaking to us, and to other owners, as well as visiting some events and seeing and meeting our Lagotto.

Living with Lagotto Romagnolo

As well as having the potential to be a working dog, the Lagotto makes an excellent family companion and a good warning dog (with a Lagotto sleeping on your landing you need never fear someone trying to break into your house without you knowing as, unlike many breeds, Lagotto sleep with one ear open). The Lagotto has an acute sense of hearing and although he is not a “yappy” dog he can be quite vocal if strangers are in the vicinity of his home. Lagotto are quire territorial and they may take a time before admitting strangers into their personal space.

Obviously dogs differ in the amount of working ability they inherit and it is important that the puppy’s particular temperament suits the lifestyle that it is destined for. Whilst most Lagotto develop into sensible friendly dogs, some are obviously more suited to being urban companion dogs (latent couch potatoes) whilst others show that streak of independence and hunting ability that makes them suitable for a family with an active lifestyle. A breeder will be able to help in matching the lifestyle of any prospective owners with puppies available.


Those contemplating ownership of a Lagotto must note however that this is a breed that requires training from”Day 1″.

Lagotto do not respond well to harsh training; consistency and perseverance by owner(s) are key, and an ability to “think outside of the box” is useful to persuade a Lagotto to do what you want rather than what he/she wants…

Family Life

First and foremost, however, all Lagotto need the companionship of human beings. They live happily as an only dog as historically in Italy they have been kept as single dogs or at the most in two’s or three’s.

As a breed, Lagotto usually have a natural affinity with children (for centuries the peasant marshmen shared their homes with their little dogs relying on them to watch over the household and warn of intruders).

Supervision of children and dogs is of course a pre-requisite.

Good with Children

Lagotto coat and human allergies

Most breeds that evolved to hunt for man have functional coats and the Lagotto is no exception. Being a non shedding breed, he is particularly suitable for families with allergy sufferers and his coat can be kept short by clipping a few times a year.

We appreciate that allergies come in many shapes and forms (possibly to dander or saliva – which may be more evident in a houseful of puppies). There are opportunities to meet Lagotto at some of our events, although some people prefer to visit a Lagotto-only home to test for an allergy response, and we can help with suggestions for this.

Lagotto with cats, other pets and small animals

We have a few homes where Lagotto live happily with cats and other animals (with the usual pre-requisites of careful introductions, together with supervision, especially in the early days of socialisation).  Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure…

How a Lagotto's natural skills may show themselves in daily life...

With its history as a water retriever and its associated skills as a truffle hunter, please bear in mind that these same skills are very likely to show themselves in a Lagotto (although these tendencies can be tempered with training and re-direction)…

Digging, digging, water, mud,
water mixed with sand (and added look of innocence...!!)

Find out more...

If you have read this page and other information on our website and would like to know more, it is a great idea to come to see us and our Lagotto.

We have our Club stand at Discover Dogs twice a year – each year at Crufts in March and at ExCel in October.  We also run Club events throughout the year, both formal and informal, where you have the opportunity to meet us and our wonderful breed. We always look forward to meeting our prospective and new owners and helping with any questions and advice, so please do get in touch…