Lottie easily clearing The Hurdle
Agility is a Kennel Club activity, and more information is available on the KC website pages www.thekennelclub.org.uk/activities/agility/.
Lagotto are well suited to the demands of Agility. They have the intelligence and trainability combined with the athletic ability required. Most importantly they usually think it is great fun! Even if you are not intending to compete in Agility, training is a great way to exercise your dog’s body and mind – and yours! It also builds the bond between you.
Bitches usually measure into the medium height category and dogs into the large height category (from 2020 these dogs are likely to be in the Intermediate height), although there are a few exceptions either way.

Despite being a numerically small breed, Lagotto have seen success in Agility competitions; most notably qualifying a team for the Medium Team competition at Crufts 2009.

The Club holds training workshops, which cater for all levels.

If you have any queries about Agility, please contact our Activities Secretary for Agility/Rally – Carolyn Snowdon at leytherlagotto@outlook.com.

Agility Lagotto of the Year Award

If you’re out competing with your Lagotto in Agility, don’t forget to fill in your claim form for the Agility Lagotto of the Year (there is a separate claim form for Jumping) award. The deadline for receipt of forms by our Honorary Secretary is 31 January in any year. The winners are notified and awards presented at the Club’s annual AGM. See our Annual Trophy Awards section for more detail…  

Here are some photos of our Agility dogs: