Swimmer's Tail ('Acute Caudal Myopathy') also known as Limber Tail, Cold Water Tail etc

Whilst not always a common occurrence, there have been more than a few instances of Lagotto developing Swimmer’s Tail. This condition can be extremely painful for the dog, often necessitating anti-inflammatories or painkillers, and although improvement is usually seen within a few days it can take longer.
When Lagotto owners attend our events involving periods in cold water over the colder months, we recommend you rub down your dog’s body and around the base of the tail to ensure that cold water does not travel down the dog’s back and settle at the base of the tail – especially if the dog is going to be left cold/wet in a confined space. A drying-off (wicking) fleece suit or cover can also be used.

First Aid

At pre-arranged gundog events, a First Aid kit will be available and its location pointed out at the beginning of the day. However, you may prefer to carry a small kit of your own and recommended items include the following: