Therapy & Assistance Dogs

Hypo Hounds

Hypo Hound in training, Tracey (Bacigalupo’s Amore Mio), successfully passed her public access assessment with flying colours at only nine months of age, and her training to become a fully qualified Hypo Hound, partnered with her young owner, Maddie, who has Type 1 Diabetes, continues. 

Maddie and Tracey are pictured here during a visit to the Hypo Hounds stand at Discover Dogs at London’s ExCel.

Hypo Hounds assists families with children to train their dog to detect dangerous changes in their owner’s blood sugar levels through scent detection, and to provide an alert when blood sugars either fall too low or are too high. 

We look forward to following Tracey’s path to becoming an officially qualified Hypo Hound.

More details on the Hypo Hound charity can be found on their website: 

Pets As Therapy

‘Tosca’ Cole who has recently qualified as a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog. We wish her and her ‘mum’ Anette every success in her new role and look forward to hearing how she is getting on in the future…