As the first dedicated Breed Club to pioneer the Lagotto Romagnolo outside of Italy, the LRCGB has always placed health as being of paramount importance.
Clauses related to health screening within the Code of Ethics, a sub-section of the Rules and Regulations, have been included since the Club was created. These have been expanded and updated as necessary to ensure that members produce healthy dogs.
At the Club’s 20th Anniversary Open Show Gilberto Grandi – one of the team credited with rescuing the Lagotto from oblivion and friend and President of the Club – made a presentation to Founding Members Gael Stenton (Gaesten) and Ann Kemp (Grancanna). This was in recognition of their contribution to advancing the breed internationally, and in particular for their dedication to safeguarding the health of the breed.
The Lagotto is a small to medium sized dog, free from any exaggerations and as such is a generally healthy dog living well into his teens. There are however a small number of conditions for which screening is mandatory, and some which are recommended, prior to breeding. These are explained below.


The British Veterinary Association ( and The Kennel Club established a number of health screening methods under their Canine Health Scheme in order to help breeders in the selection of breeding stock.
The LRCGB requires Members to use the Scheme for Hips, Elbows and Eyes. Results are published in the KC Breed Record Supplement.