The Lagotto Romagnolo is a Gundog (Group 8) and is currently on the Import Register. As of April 2015 the Lagotto will move on to the Breed Register.

If you are interested in showing your Lagotto it is a good idea to join a ring craft club. Here you will be given advice and training on how to show your dog. You can also contact any of our Committee members for advice on how to get started.

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Below is an article from Lagotto owner Kay Lance about her showing experiences and how to get started:

“We started showing at local shows, e.g. church fetes, and our local vet hospital has one to raise funds each year, they usually have novelty and show classes and you can find them in your local paper or watch out for your local fete signs by the side of the road and ask if they include a dog show. People at your ring craft class will also know about forthcoming shows.

Our next step was to join the Companion Dog Club, via The Kennel Club, their shows are open to you once you have joined and some of the proceeds are donated to charity, at the same time you can start looking for Open Shows near you.  All these are advertised in the weekly papers ‘Our Dog’ and ‘Dog World’.  I would suggest that when you attend your first Open Show, go to one of their stands and buy a diary, than you have ALL the, Open and Championship Shows and their dates to hand whenever you need them.

Entering shows differs, the fetes and Companion Dog Shows you will enter when you arrive, the Open Shows and Championship shows have a closing dates and when you have sent your money they will send you a pass to get in, your dog out, car park pass and a catalogue pass prior to the show. The following web sites give you information for many of the shows. It is very easy to register and enter your dog on-line.

Not all Open Shows have classes for the AV Import Register (Any Variety Import Register) so if they do not have AV Import you will not be able to enter your dog at that particular show.

When you get to the show look in your catalogue for the layout of the rings and benching areas and find your dog’s kennel name in the AV Import Section, beside the name of the dog is your unique number, go to your benching area to find your bench and there will be two cards with your number.  One is for you to wear in the ring, keep it safe.  You can then identify the ring where you will be showing your dog.  When your judge has started judging it is always a good idea to watch for a while and note what they are asking of the dog and handler.  This gives you an idea of what you will be asked to do when you go into the ring. 

Make sure your show lead is in good condition; I am not the only person to my knowledge that has looked down and found a lead in my hand with no dog attached to it.  Wear clothes that feel good to you, and comfortable, and treat every show as if it was the most important show ever.  Most importantly have a good time.  I have only scratched the surface, showing may not be for everyone, but it’s a great day out and there are some super bargains to be had on the stands.  Beatie and I have had great fun showing, we’ve met some great people and remember that whatever anyone says to you, you ALWAYS take the best dog home”

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