KC Obreedience

Obreedience was launched by the Kennel Club in 2014, with the aim of offering a less formal style of competitive obedience in a group environment.  Heats are held at various dog shows and events throughout the year, and a final takes place annually at Crufts in March.

The Team and the Exercises

A team of four handlers and four dogs (two are entered as reserves) of the same breed take part in two rounds of competition: Firstly, all team members complete a round of heelwork together as a group, and are scored on their ability to complete different moves and follow instructions whilst remaining synchronised with their team mates. 

Then four set exercises, with each team owner/dog duo undertaking one exercise each out of: Retrieve (handler’s own article); Send to Bed (own bed); Recall with Stop; and Scent (retrieval of handler’s article with decoy articles present).

Obreedience - Team South, I Quattro Lagotti
Obreedience - Scent exercise

Further reading on Obreedience is available on the Kennel Club website: https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/events/obreedience/

We welcome new team members...

Anyone who would be interested in joining a team, or possibly forming a new team, would be welcomed – please contact Julie Nelson for more info…  j.nlagotto@gmail.com.

Our current teams:

We currently have two Lagotto teams involved in Obreedience: The Italian Job in the North and I Quattro Lagotti (originally Lottie Team South) in the South. Here are some photos of our teams in action: